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Welcome to the Crime Challenge! If you like movies and TV shows about cops, private detectives, or vigilantes and the criminals they chase, this is the challenge for you. Make your spot here.


What Counts

Any movie, TV show, and whatever else you can watch that features either someone fighting crime or someone committing crime. Any genre is acceptable, but crime should be an important part... (Continue)

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Yeah, whatever. I couldn't think of any other word that rhymed with Boogaloo. But I'm part black anyway, so, get over it, fag.

This is the progress thread for the 2018 Trash Challenge. If you want a month of gory/perverted/stupid fun, go ahead and get yourself a spot in this thread and I promise you will experience the most amazing month of your entire life.

Here's all the rules and shit.

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Troma and I would like to welcome you to TRASH EPICS THEATER!

As you may know, YouTube is a plethora of movies, documentaries, and even tv shows. This is a place where you can post any of them you'd like to share with your fellow Trash People. Feel free to leave comments about what you watch here. We encourage discussion!

So, grab your ticket, get some refreshments, and enjoy your stay at TRASH ... (Continue)

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I thought about making this thread a sticky emoticon, but I don't know..and thought about limiting it to Horror, but that would exclude some great trashy exploitation B and Z grade gems. I'll start off with two of my favorites.

The Video Dead (1987)

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This is for anyone who wants to keep a log of their viewings/ratings every month please feel free to add yours!

The link for last year's viewings is here if anyone still needs to access it for reference, as the thread will eventually disappear:

Horror in red.


It (2017) - FTV - 6/10
The Bad Seed (1956) - FTV - 7/10... (Continue)

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I figured the last one ran its course.


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As I mentioned recently in one of Fuad's anti-Liberal threads, I happen to be friends with the star of Basket Case on Facebook, and am in the process of witnessing the man's descent into mental illness. Now, I'm not saying all liberals are crazy. However, the far left obviously is. I'm pretty sure this guy counts as far left considering all the hateful, baseless shit he so frantically posts, often encouraging ri... (Continue)

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So I watched the new Hellraiser movie last night, was probably a bit too drunk as immediately afterward i began writing a review here on TE and subsequently deleted the post by accident after a fairly lengthy alcohol iduced ramble on the Hellraiser series as a whole.

This morning i gave the film another go, sober, and may as well give the review another go. ***contains spoilers for Hellraiser Judgement & other films from the franchise***

I love me some Hellriase... (Continue)

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I loved it up to the first half after they spent the first night into the cabin, palpable foreboding atmosphere but it went downhill after that point they couldn't sustain the eeriness up to the 3rd act that things are revealed it dwindled into a horror comedy.

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Slashers are one thing, but a killer who wears a mask? Are they trying to get away with it? Are they ugly as sin? Or are they wearing it simply as a joke?

I'm watching "Valentine" at the moment, and this killer acts like a Michael Myers rip-off, only his nose bleeds. It's all about the mannerisms of characters like these. Still. Calm. Focused. I guess Michael Myers set a precedent, but Jason kinda ran with it. He wears a mask because he's ashamed of how goddamn ugly he is. He could chase you... (Continue)

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I am hosting a challenge called Horror without limits on a Dutch movie board, started this Monday. I was wondering if there would be any interest here for such a challenge in the future. The idea behind is to watch at least 1 movie in each subgenre, style, theme in the horror genre. The goal is to get out pf the comfort zone, taste a bit of everything. The challenge is not set in time as long as it doesn't collide with the October challenge.
With help of some friends I compiled 7 main ca... (Continue)

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It's back! Trash Epics' signature challenge which debuted a year ago, cheering up many of us after our home was destroyed by soulless cunts. This challenge is a broad one which allows any sub-genre of Exploitation you can think of, countless taboos, atrocities, cheese, and schlock. All that is fucked up and so bad it's good!

I'm really liking the "point a minute" thing we got going, but some challenges demand a point syste... (Continue)

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Troma and I have come up with this idea of a NSFW (not safe for work) thread. In this thread there will be many fucked up things. Feel free to post want you want, there's only 1 rule. NO Animal abuse of any kind. Be sure you want to see these before clicking on them. You have been warned!! As for my first pic I'll be posting, it's pretty self explanatory. A photo of a car crash victim.... (Continue)

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Anyone ever wonder what became of crazy fat Ethel after that abrupt ending to Criminally Insane? Yeah, me either. As much as I would have loved an extra 15 minutes more of that movie, I'm good, and am definitely capable of using my imagination regarding the immediate and distant future of Ethel Janowski. So, no, Mr. Millard. That's quite alright. No need to risk making the worst part 2 in the history of part 2s just to give us Criminally... (Continue)

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The obvious three are My Bloody Valentine (1981), Valentine (2001), and My Bloody Valentine (2009). I think the original MBV is a solid 80s slasher, and the remake is great because Tom Atkins is in it. I try to watch them both every year, and this year, I'll get points for it. emoticon

I don't remember much about Valentine, but it's due for a rewatch. I remember thinking it was kinda stupid, because his nose is always bleeding. What a loser he was.

It's also c... (Continue)

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Admittedly, this is a sub genre that I am not too knowledgeable about, but I have seen a fair few. I like found footage films, some are rubbish, and some are great - that bring some much needed originality. I go through phases, where I was a lot of FF movies, to where I may not see any in months, but I always find them entertaining. .I never do anything by halves, so I will list what I really liked. (In order, for the most part)

T... (Continue)

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TV movies nowadays rightly get a bad rap with poor writing, low production values, and intrusive commercial breaks.. However, back in the 1970s, made-for-TV horror movies were a genre unto themselves. Many of those TV movies are still highly watchable, memorable, and have even enjoyed big budget remakes. I seen a lot of good TV horror movies over the past couple of years so here is what I really liked:

Don't Go to Sleep 1982
The Demon Murder Case 1983
The Haunted 1991
The Woman in Black 19... (Continue)

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I'm not terribly familiar with a lot of them, because I rarely catch anything I watch on a program that would be hosted by horror-themed character, but you gotta love the effort.

Elvira was popular enough to spawn a charming b-movie about her inhereting a haunted house. She's still going, but I've heard on and off again things about her retiring. I guess she can't get enough of it.

I don't know anything about Vampira, whom Elvira was based on, besides what I've seen in the... (Continue)

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I love comic books and I especially love comic book villains. The Joker is by far my favorite of them all. Over the years we have had many actors portray The Joker and each one has put their own unique spin onto this complex character. I've enjoyed them all. Hell, I was shocked by how much I enjoyed Jared Leto's portrayal as the famous psychotic clown. My only complaint with him was there wasn't enough Joker in The Suicide Squad. All that hype about him and he had maybe 10 or 15 minutes total sc... (Continue)

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Ever watch anything that you really didn't like, but almost liked or wanted to like? Movies that maybe had the wrong director or could have used some extra money thrown into it. What had the potential to be great, or at least not a piece of shit?

I saw this one movie from Sub Rosa that was almost kinda sweet, but mostly annoying, Called Ice From The Sun (1999), which was directed by Eric Stanze, who did Scrapbook and I Spit On Your Corpse, I Piss On Your Grave. Ice From The Sun was actually t... (Continue)

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Hatchet II (2010) set 11 years ago, in 2007

The following day, Marybeth and the mercenaries hunt for Victor Crowley...

Hatchet III (2013) set 11 years ago, in 2007

The story picks up precisely where Hatchet II ends.

Jordan Peele (1979) age 39

Larry Drake (1949-2016) born 69 years ago

Sam Peckinpah (1925-1984) born 93 years ago

Jen and Sylvia Soska, the fan favorite filmmakers behind Dead Hooker in a Trunk, American Mary and See No Evil 2, are back with Twinpool, a new short that puts both sisters in the role of their favorite comic book hero: Batman, of course! Wait. No. I

Teased last year, NECA’s “Camp Crystal Lake Accessory Set” is the latest addition to their Friday the 13th line, intended to make sure your Jason Voorhees toys are displayed in the coolest way possible. The deluxe accessory set allo

Robert Rodriguez has teamed up with writer Max Borenstein for Hypnotic, a sci-fi thriller for Studio 8, writes THR. Borenstein, whose credits include Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, and the upcoming Godzilla: King of Monsters, will rewrite an original

In Kareem Mortimer‘s Cargo, a Bahamian Fisherman, with a gambling addiction, takes a job smuggling Haitians to Florida in a desperate ploy to support his family. Chaos ensues. Warren Brown and Omar J. Dorsey star in the film being sold at EFM b

What would happen if classic horror icons existed within the world of the Masters of the Universe franchise? That’s a question Funko have answered with their new ‘Savage World’ line of action figures, which depicts horror characters