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Yeah, whatever. I couldn't think of any other word that rhymed with Boogaloo. But I'm part black anyway, so, get over it, fag.

This is the progress thread for the 2018 Trash Challenge. If you want a month of gory/perverted/stupid fun, go ahead and get yourself a spot in this thread and I promise you will experience the most amazing month of your entire life.

Here's all the rules and shit.

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Troma and I would like to welcome you to TRASH EPICS THEATER!

As you may know, YouTube is a plethora of movies, documentaries, and even tv shows. This is a place where you can post any of them you'd like to share with your fellow Trash People. Feel free to leave comments about what you watch here. We encourage discussion!

So, grab your ticket, get some refreshments, and enjoy your stay at TRASH EPICS THEATER!... (Continue)

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I thought about making this thread a sticky emoticon, but I don't know..and thought about limiting it to Horror, but that would exclude some great trashy exploitation B and Z grade gems. I'll start off with two of my favorites.

The Video Dead (1987)

Aug 20, 2017 * | (+6) | 111 comments | 1584 views

This is for anyone who wants to keep a log of their viewings/ratings every month please feel free to add yours!

The link for last year's viewings is here if anyone still needs to access it for reference, as the thread will eventually disappear:

Horror in red.


It (2017) - FTV - 6/10
The Bad Seed (1956) - FTV - 7/10... (Continue)

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I haven't touched alcohol in nearly 3 years. Not because I had a problem, or anything. I just stopped liking it for a while. Something that has happened several times over the years, although never quite this long. As long as I have other things to get fucked up on, I feel like I could easily go another 3 years. I'm just not an alcohol kind of a guy. However, I was for a while there.

Back in 2003, I made a conscious decision to become a drinker. I mean a big drinker! My friends and I were com... (Continue)

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Topic is self explanatory.

I'd go with either

A) When a girl throws up after you cum in their mouth
B) Bananas

Aug 21, 2014 | 24 comments | 1968 views

Who here has seen Murder Set Pieces? Chances are you probably think it sucks. I don't know why, that's just what the general populace seems to think. I happen to really like it, and I stand by that notion in this very obvious minority. Well, not really like it, I find it somewhat entertaining at least. Certainly not as bad as most people seem to think. Sure the director might be an absolute and total manipulative douchebag, but lets not compare the artist to the artwork. emoticon (Continue)

Jul 08, 2014 * | 8 comments | 2090 views | extreme, child murder, Fred Vogel, rape, 9/11, more rape

The ones you've seen. From favorite to least favorite.

Cannibal Ferox
Jungle Holocaust
White Cannibal Queen
Mountain Of The Cannibal God
Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story
The Green Inferno
Cannibal Holocaust
Massacre In Dinosaur Valley
Eaten Alive!
Man From Deep River
Cannibal Terror
Zombie Holocaust
Emanuelle And The Last Cannibals
Devil Hunter
Cannibal Holocaust: The Beginning

Mar 06 * | (+4) | 45 comments | 312 views

OK, I'm not a complete moron (a half moron, yes) so I gather most folks don't like that the scales tip more toward comedy this time around, and that, after the absolute classic the first is, that chances are a sequel was just gonna pale in comparison.

But hear me out (read me out)

I've made it very clear (annoyingly so, I'm sure) that I'm a ROTLD fanatic. I think about that movie or some facet of that movie at least once a week. However, ROTLD 2 means nearly as much to me, b... (Continue)

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There is not that many out there but from what I have seen I mostly like, which are your favorites if possible rank them

Mine would be something like this (all that I have seen)

The Witch's Mirror (1962)
The Vampire's Coffin (1958)
Poison for the Fairies (1984)
El Vampiro (1957)
The Curse of the Doll People (1961)
Night of the Bloody Apes (1969)
The Curse of the Crying Woman (1963)
Alucarda (1978)
The Devil's Backbone (2001) apparently Mexico in co-prodction

Even though Don't be... (Continue)

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It's back! Trash Epics' signature challenge which debuted a year ago, cheering up many of us after our home was destroyed by soulless cunts. This challenge is a broad one which allows any sub-genre of Exploitation you can think of, countless taboos, atrocities, cheese, and schlock. All that is fucked up and so bad it's good!

I'm really liking the "point a minute" thing we got going, but some challenges demand a point syste... (Continue)

Feb 17 * | (+6) | 25 comments | 289 views

I figured the last one ran its course.


Apr 26, 2017 | (+5) | 550 comments | 5559 views

imageFor my first ever review here in the Troma zone, I had planned on writing a review for what most people consider the greatest of all Troma movies, the Legendary Toxic Avenger. But in true Tromafreak fashion, I've decided to write about some random piece of shit that nobody cares about instead.

A terrible movie this is. Possibly the worst killer kid flick in existence. Out of all the so bad it's good Horrors of the 80's, the Troma Team always seems to go after shit like this. But sometimes, even shit like this can have redeeming qualities. Unfortunately, said qualities don't show up until the last scene. (Continue)

Aug 10, 2014 * | (+3) | 10 comments | 2042 views

Everybody loves Japanese Girls and Satanism. So putting them together into one movie seems like a great idea. Plenty of gore, witchcraft and lesbian sex scenes. But far less than the movie could have actually had.

This is pretty tame compared to Urotsukidoji: Legend of The Overfiend. But then again everything is.

Misa Kuroi, a very attractive Japanese witch indeed.

Apparently according to this movie Lucifer is a giant handsome blue Japanese man with white feathery angel wings. Most lik... (Continue)

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Tits are wonderful. Post pictures of your favorite movie tits in the coments.

Dec 21, 2014 | (+1) | 5 comments | 1861 views

I remember there was a general film section on the old imdb boards. Since there already was a section for every possible movie genre not sure what the point was of general section unless there was some genre not covered by another section. Still together with horror and probably the soapbox is was one of the most visited sections. I never actually bothered visiting it thinking what is the point of it if anything goes besides it was horror that had my interest for 95%. Also on the horroar board t... (Continue)

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Because I mean hello, there has to be one at a place called trash epics. Troma made some SOV threads singling out a few particular movies, but I figured one big fat free-for-all post that either celebrates or lambasts this supremely niche sub-genre of bottom-feeding white trash horror deck would be appropriate.

I myself love these movies. I can't quite put my finger on why, since, in some cases, even on an entertainment level (we already know on a technical level this is about... (Continue)

Mar 09 | (+3) | 13 comments | 103 views

Such a special movie for me. The kind that you don't like to watch often because you just don't need to. It's engrained in my mind, right down to certain sound effects and when they're about to happen. Maybe I don't watch it often anymore 'cuz I'm afraid I'll outgrow it. emoticon

Not the case last night, thankfully. As if I didn't already hold the film in high esteem, this latest viewing made me realize what an arthouse masterpiece it is, and that, perhaps, if Roger Watkins were more me... (Continue)

Mar 14 | (+3) | 11 comments | 85 views

I'd like everyone to post any horror short films you enjoy. I love horror short films, and I'm always looking for recommendations. They can be genuinely creepy. Sometimes, they are better than many full length movies I've seen.

Apr 29, 2017 * | (+2) | 13 comments | 198 views

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