We wear short shortspants.

Troma, Box and I have been throwing around ideas to liven things up around here. And here's what we're thinking: A posting challenge. For one month, we'll be keeping score of everyone's posts, and whoever has made the most posts will win. This will be for the month of February and the winner has the chance to win a prize that I'll go into in a minute. This challenge is not just limited to February. It can pop up at any time, more than once a year. It can run at the same time as other challenges... (Continue)

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Troma and I would like to welcome you to TRASH EPICS THEATER!

As you may know, YouTube is a plethora of movies, documentaries, and even tv shows. This is a place where you can post any of them you'd like to share with your fellow Trash People. Feel free to leave comments about what you watch here. We encourage discussion!

So, grab your ticket, get some refreshments, and enjoy your stay at TRASH ... (Continue)

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Welcome to the 6th annual Black And White Challenge. This is also the 2nd one to be featured on Trash Epics. This is the place to make your spot. Again, new rules, this year. We're doing a point for every minute. Anything black and white counts. Movies, TV shows, serials, shorts. Tinted films count, as well as movies that are partially in color as long as it is outweighed by the B&W. Begin... (Continue)

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I thought about making this thread a sticky emoticon, but I don't know..and thought about limiting it to Horror, but that would exclude some great trashy exploitation B and Z grade gems. I'll start off with two of my favorites.

The Video Dead (1987)

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This is for anyone who wants to keep a log of their viewings/ratings every month please feel free to add yours!

The link for last year's viewings is here if anyone still needs to access it for reference, as the thread will eventually disappear:

Horror in red.

It (2017) - FTV - 6/10
Alien (1979) - 10/10

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I've been wanting to see this movie for over 10 years and I can't find a way to do it for a reasonable price or on a website I trust. Does anybody have any leads? It looks great.


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I figured the last one ran its course.


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Oh yeah, the guy that made the Elvis TV movie. Yeah, that guy.

Talk about this dude here, if you're so inclined. He's a fuckin' legend, ya know?

Been revisiting his films lately, which was the inspiration to make this thread. Started with Halloween a couple weeks ago, then Assault on Precinct 13, and Escape from New York the other night. These movies are like old friends and never fail to let you down. It makes me sad to think that next generation's kids (probably even this genera... (Continue)

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I figure I'd go ahead and do this in January, this year. Maybe we'll do something for animation in April. I was going to do a reversal of the point system and have the latter movies be worth the most points, but I've decided to give the runtime system a shot which removes the minimum runtime rule. So, anything that's black and white counts. Any genre of movie, sitcoms, serials, shorts. As long as it'... (Continue)

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And everything that comes under the umbrella of paranormal like ghosts, extraterrestrial life, unidentified flying objects, unexplained phenomena, psychic abilities, conspiracy theories, haunted houses, demons, cryptids etc.. ?

I for one believe in all this stuff. I have a rather large collection of books from everything to U.F.Os/alien abductions to unexplained phenomena to conspiracy theories. A lot of people out there are (rightfully) sceptical, and might consider those who do believe to b... (Continue)

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Paul Stanley (1952) age 66

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The suffering is over. Depending on when I’m asked, Clive Barker’s Hellraiser may just be my favorite horror film of all time. Watching with experienced eyes, it’s an astoundingly impressive low budget masterpiece that takes place i

Do you love the Insidious franchise? Of course, you do. How about the Sinister series? Maybe not so much. But still, this news should be exciting. Evidently, Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions is not only up for crossing certain Blumhouse films over

The Hurricane Heist (formerly Catagory 5), a disaster action thriller from director Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious), is heading to the EFM in Berlin. The film follows a team of tech hackers who infiltrate a U.S. Mint facility on a small coastal

It's been listed on several of Daily Dead's "Favorites of 2017" features, and soon you'll be able to experience Tragedy Girls for yourself, as its home media release has been confirmed for early February. According to Amazon and confirmed by the Trag

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I love Jason Voorhees. And what makes Jason my favorite of all horror movie villains is that, unlike Freddy, Michael, and Leatherface, Jason has evolved a f*cking ton over his cinematic lifespan. Changing from a bald kid in a lake, to a backwoods bu