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As you may know, YouTube is a plethora of movies, documentaries, and even tv shows. This is a place where you can post any of them you'd like to share with your fellow Trash People. Feel free to leave comments about what you watch here. We encourage discussion!

So, grab your ticket, get some refreshments, and enjoy your stay at TRASH ... (Continue)

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I thought about making this thread a sticky emoticon, but I don't know..and thought about limiting it to Horror, but that would exclude some great trashy exploitation B and Z grade gems. I'll start off with two of my favorites.

The Video Dead (1987)

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Here is where you signup and record your progress. I hope you all have fun!

The Rules

Challege will be scored by minutes watched. There is no minimum time requirement.

For something to count for the challenge it must have at least ONE or more of these elements

1. Anything to do with toys or dolls. They must be the main focal point of the movie if no other elements listed are in the... (Continue)

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I usually post the movies I watch in the yearly film companion threads on the Horror board, but IMDb can suck my fat dick. I'm just gonna post them here this year to avoid any bullshit. Anyone who wants to join in, be my guest.


Helga: She Wolf Of Stillberg (1978) - FTV - 5/10
Battle Of The Amazons (1973) - FTV - 5/10
Riot In A Women's Prison (1974) - FTV - 6/10
Alucarda (1977) - FTV - 6/10... (Continue)

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In 2017 I've written a lot of reviews for this site. Maybe a bit too many, as I've recently started coming up short for ideas. If only I could write a nice, long review about any given movie on demand. That wouuld be nice. After struggling to come up with ideas for my final review of the year, it occurred to me exactly how many enjoyable first time viewings I've come across this year. More than a few thanks to the great people... (Continue)

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As I mentioned recently in one of Fuad's anti-Liberal threads, I happen to be friends with the star of Basket Case on Facebook, and am in the process of witnessing the man's descent into mental illness. Now, I'm not saying all liberals are crazy. However, the far lefties obviously are. I'm pretty sure this guy counts as far left considering all the hateful, baseless shit he so frantically posts. Seriously, thoug... (Continue)

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Here is where you can post any questions or suggestions for the Toy/Christmas Challenge. I will be posting the progress thread tomorrow.

This challenge is pretty easy. It will be scored by minutes watched. I really enjoyed the Scifi/Fantasy challenge, and since the majority of you liked the scoring system ( I ended up really loving it myself) I decided to go with that for my challenge as well.

Ok, here's what you do and what counts. As I said, you score by minutes watched. There is no mi... (Continue)

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I figured the last one ran its course.


Apr 26, 2017 | (+4) | 370 comments | 3275 views

Yeah, he's a comedic actor, right? Well, he tried his hand at a serious role in True Detective season 2, and that was alright. He'll try his hand at the gritty crime genre again, and what do we get? Brawl in Cell Block 99!

Now, I'm not one for going into detail about the plots, because that takes away all the fun of the experience. Trying to figure out what's going on, and getting carried away with the ride? Well I tell you, this movie is one hell of a ride! Vince Vaughn carries the movie, an... (Continue)

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I've been working on this for awhile, and I finally finished today. I have made my first ever crochet portrait. This wall hanging of Vincent Price consists of 8,640 individual stitches. I will be making more portrait wall hangings and I plan on making portrait blankets as well.

I also would like to give these away as prizes from time to time on here. Would any of you be interested in the possibility of winning a wall hanging or blanket in the future?... (Continue)

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Psycho (1960) set 58 years ago, in 1959

A week after Marion Crane goes missing, her sister Lila begins to search for her.

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It’s a sad day indeed for fans of Ed Wood and classic horror in general as word has come through various sources on social media that character actor Conrad Brooks has passed on. He was 86. Brooks had a long and prolific career which began in 1

Announced in October, we now know that Scream Factory‘s Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon will arrive on March 27, 2018! Extras and specs are still in progress and will be announced at a later date

Though Krampus and The Grinch usually get all the spooky holiday love, the team of Arthur Rankin, Jr., and Jules Bass at Rankin/Bass Productions, Inc., gave us many memorable monsters who revel in Christmas fear! Each year they lurk about on TV befor

We should go ahead and rename December 12th “Arrow Video Day,” because the fine fiends over there have a ton of titles coming out this Tuesday, including Special Edition sets for The Premonition and Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood, and they’ve

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Yes, that’s totally Andy Serkis as Pennywise. Enjoy the nightmares. While it was expected that horror fans like ourselves would recognize how awesome this year has been for horror, it’s been a welcome surprise just how much love the genre

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