Don't judge a book by its peniswords.

I usually post the movies I watch in the yearly film companion threads on the Horror board, but IMDb can suck my fat dick. I'm just gonna post them here this year to avoid any bullshit. Anyone who wants to join in, be my guest.


Helga: She Wolf Of Stillberg (1978) - FTV - 5/10
Battle Of The Amazons (1973) - FTV - 5/10
Riot In A Women's Prison (1974) - FTV - 6/10
Alucarda (1977) - FTV - 6/10... (Continue)

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Twin Peaks... What a phenomenon! HalloweenLove posted a great, realistic article about this:

It's such a hard series to describe. Especially since it starts from a 90s show, then continues 25+ years later, right on track with the typical David Lynch weirdness! It's an absolute cult following on every level, but it's soooo fucking heartwarming! I guess a lot of it has to do with how great of a cha... (Continue)

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Everybody has their thing. Whether you're laid back or have a short fuse, everybody has their one thing that they simply will not stand for. And no matter how bad they want to avoid confrontation, some things will just always be a deal breaker. And once that line is crossed, it's just on! Today, we're going to talk about a relatively unknown Dramedy (?) from 1993, about a kid who once took an endles... (Continue)

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I don't see the advantage of upgrading my DVD's to blu-ray. I do think both formats are going to disappear anyway and as much as I hate it streaming will be the future.
However I'm truly scared that my beloved (obscure) movies won't be available any more (and for some I paid some big bucks) that I'm seriously considering backing all of my collection up on a hard disk. In fact I'm already downloading movies that I would not buy because of the space they would waste on my shelves as I would not w... (Continue)

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Anne Hathaway shines in this sci-fi monster movie that succesfully blends a mishmash of styles and subgenres in a very effective way. Portraying out of work party girl Gloria, she is effectively kicked out of her posh digs by her boyfriend when he realizes he can no longer put up with her constant drunken antics, and finds she must move back home to an empty house in her hometown.

There she is reunited with her childhood friend Oscar, aptly played by Jason Sudeikis. Broke and without friends,... (Continue)

May 02 | 4 comments | 63 views

I figured the last one ran its course.


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Anyone ever see this? David Cronenberg is actually in it, although he didn't direct it.

They could have called it A Very Canadian Apocalypse (Eh?). I was just joking about it with a Canadian friend... it's about a bunch of people in a large city (Toronto) who have to decide what to do on the last night of the world. I think the sun goes supernova at midnight, or something like that. Scientists gave everyone a fair amount of warning, so everyone is acclimated to what is going to happen.... (Continue)

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Any love for this one? One of the better satyrical horrors i have seen, some fantastic gore effects which was an extra bonus.

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Troma and I have come up with this idea of a NSFW (not safe for work) thread. In this thread there will be many fucked up things. Feel free to post want you want, there's only 1 rule. NO Animal abuse of any kind. Be sure you want to see these before clicking on them. You have been warned!! As for my first pic I'll be posting, it's pretty self explanatory. A photo of a car crash victim.

[img= (Continue)

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aka the Godfather of gore. Now having seen 32 of the 35 full feature movies that are available from old Hersch I thought it was time for an evaluation how I appreciate his horror and non-horror.

I have not seen: Jimmy, the Boy Wonder ; The Magic Land of Mother Goose and Black Love (the first 2 are kids movies and the last one I have seen images of and is basically a hardcore porn flick).

A Hot Night at the Go Go Lounge! is a short I have seen but it's just topless dancing of 2 ladies with... (Continue)

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We have to get the found footage films out of our system. If Blair Witch or Phoenix Experiment didn’t put the nail int he coffin, all of these indie productions that are still being completed should end it for good. I think found footage is a

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